Why choose me as an inspector?

I have been performing inspections for 20 years in the Greater Seattle area. Over 6000 inspections and counting. Performing thousands of inspections and interacting with buyers and realtors has given me a wealth of information as to what is really wanted and needed during the building inspection process.

What I have found is that what buyers really want to know most are the
following five items:

Is this building structurally sound?
Is this building safe?
What major repairs are needed now?
What major repairs are going to be needed in the not-too-distant future?
What essential maintenance is needed now or in the near future?

Buyers also want to know what medium and minor repairs and maintenance will be needed now or in the near future. And buyers also like to have the usual "to do list" provided.

I, like many other inspectors, provide much more information than what is involved with these basic concerns. This often includes remodeling advice and other suggestions. However, there is often an abundance of essentially irrelevant information that is included with many inspections. Usually, this comes in the form of fancy folders with generic encyclopedic advice about homes, most of which is never specifically applicable. I do not provide excessive information that is not directly applicable to the home you are buying, both now and in the future.

I am a down to earth, reality based inspector. I provide all of the very detailed technical information that is required but I take all the time necessary to explain what this information actually means. What are the actual ramifications of the findings? What action is actually needed and when? During the intensity of purchasing a building, being burdened with unnecessary information is an unneeded distraction.

I have been a full time inspector for 20 years. Prior to that, I was a builder/contractor. So along with having all the technical knowledge, I have the practical knowledge and experience of having remodeled older buildings along with building new structures. I have personally re-wired and re-plumbed houses. I have installed roofing and siding and windows and doors. This practical knowledge is a very important component.

The bottom line is this: I will provide you with all of the information and education you actually need without burdening you with additional material that is not directly related to the building you are buying or make you wade through a check list report that has multiple check boxes, handwritten notes and generic boiler plate comments.

I am a licensed home inspector in the State of Washington. Only licensed home inspectors can legally perform inspections. In 20 years of performing inspections, I have never been sued.

Types of Inspections offered:

Single Family Homes
Town Homes
Manufactured Homes
Commercial Buildings

All inspections include a detailed report with digital pictures.

Please feel free to call me or email me anytime.
Thank you very much.

Stephen Metcalf
Washington State licensed home inspector #338

Stephen Metcalf
Metcalf Building Consultants Inc.
4509 Interlake Ave North # 215 Seattle WA 98103
206-527-9224 metcalfinspections@hotmail.com

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